The Powerful And Deadly Spells of The Javanese Book

This book by Lau Soon Wah contains very powerful love spells, curing bad health, spells for enemies, wealth and fortune and spells for lost items.

Drawn from the histories, beliefs and magical practises of the ancient Javanese.

This book teaches you the right invocations that deals directly with supernatural forces, and the effects are from the pure magical methods by which those forces can be controlled and influenced. The book is primarily for the person who intends to strive for a better fulfillment in life by the spiritual way. So prepare yourself for the fantastic journey to the tremendous and intensifying exposure of wealth, health and self-satisfaction!
In 24 pages you will be able to use these powerful and deadly spells to improve your life and obtain all you need.



Babylonian Sacred Words of Power Spell Book.


Babylonian Sacred Words of Power Spell Book.

Mystic Gateway To A Life Abundant in Riches, Love & Health!

This fantastic book by Carl Nagel has all the magic knowledge you need to call upon the ancient Babylonian gods to bring forth money, good health and love.
Some of the things you will learn in this book are:
How to command Babylonian Gods of riches and abundance to
enjoy lifetime prosperity,
How to use Universal Magick Energy principles to win love and affection of anyone you choose,
Universal Secrets of Perfect Health,
How to Live a Charmed Life with Magick Energy and lots more mystical occult secrets.

With 66 pages you will find all the magic spells, rituals, chants and incantations you need to turn your life around and start living the happiest life of your dreams!

Carl Nagel writes:
The Babylonians called her ISHTAR; the Egyptians knew her as ISIS; and the Romans adored her as VENUS.
She was known all over the ancient world by different names; but everywhere she was revered for the same reason:
She was worshipped as the Great Mother of ALL Living Things; and could grant unending blessings to those who petitioned her!
Whatever you seek in life can now be yours – quickly and automatically – when then Goddess hears you:
* Wins in competitions!
* Loss of weight!
* Travel in the astral worlds!
* The man or woman of your dreams!
* Gambling wins!
… or whatever it is in life that is important to you, you can have it!  The Goddess will not fail you!
Within the thrilling pages of the book Babylonian Sacred Words of Power, you are shown the exact words to say TO BEGIN A LITERAL FLOOD OF GOOD FORTUNE INTO YOUR LIFE!
Yes! Here are the chants, and invocations that can blast all obstacles from your path!
And they are so simple that even a child can perform! No long words.  Nothing complicated to do.  No oils, robes, or candles.  THE SECRET WORDS IN THIS BOOK ARE ALL YOU NEED.
These chants and invocations of the Great Goddess and her consorts release life’s hidden energies to bring you all the riches and good fortune you want from life!
Just think of it.  Imagine, right now, having power over those who have wronged you.  Your enemies can becomes but putty in your hands!
You can gain control over people who previously controlled you!



I know what you are thinking: all this seems too good to be true: I’ve heard all this stuff before and it doesn’t work’.  But have you tried the ancient powers of the Great Goddess’ before.

Have you ever used such chants and invocations that the very moment you speak them you know immediately – in your heart – that you will be successfull?

Probably not – and this is the amazing experience which awaits you when you try BABYLONIAN SACRED WORDS OF POWER!


9 Proven Magical Rites Spell Book

Included in this spell book by Marcus Bottomly is:
A Quick Solution To A Pressing Problem,
Breaking Up An Undesirable Relationship,
Keeping An Troublesome Person Away From Your Home,
Keeping Your Partner Loyal,
Making Money and Attracting Customers Into A Shop.

This book has 17 pages and these spells are for protection, money and love.